Thursday 9 November 2023


 ugghhhhh...(poetical, silent, and excitedly impossible in nuance) there it is

first folder if a zillion delved into.... as if to remind me magic is to be used for subversive non arrestable seditious battle...always

if you live somewhere " you should be in the Hague queue before us.."

'cept poor lamb she wouldn't know the first of it



he taught me

Fifty years ago

the only not alcoholic, or otherwise  appetites in check, in the equation....

And..... five years ago i got to fully be Ralph again, despite them...all

but the STORY behind this little pile of wood

never mind this

But that really IS 'that'... no hope... the way one can hear every detail of all the other librarian's lives...on their phones, top of their vices... always.... i have had enough!