Wednesday 29 November 2023

weaving time....

 last time

sat outside showoff pub in showoff town

( i have never seen so many sunglasses addicted in my life even in November, and it  makes me ill with sorrow for them... cant see someones eyes  they arent human)

I near forgot!

Go back to car park airing day Sunday lovely day

Every picture i put uo tells a 'story' or three...

some cannot be told ... i wouldn't tell her story.... even if i know it. The real version...

Some stories cannot for fear of ones life....

Because the bullnecks of Britain don't understand freedom of speech and expression is for a reason: if we hadn't started to have it 200   years ago George Elliot's  Silas would have been quitlt drowned in rhe river aside their gaff for telling folk the Christians who framed him for theft were evil as the mad Muslims who had their own cute behaviours..

( if i fie of boredom any time soon Estelle you prob wont remember the simply bezt book EVER encountered in tge cabinet that rainy day in St Davids cathedral... The Vicissitudes of The Clergy....

page open 

a list

and pastor Peter

one day he pinched all the vestry wine and pincheth the bottom of the worshiper out front before proceedeth to SPEW[ sic] all over the aisle


tales of  viccas theiving candlesticks

prelates thieving old bags' savings ... 

but in such gorgeous Monty Pythonate language... 

or maybe it was a dream as i have never found trace of it yet... mid 1700ish...

( i told her today, " i am pacifist...wouldnt even wish Nettenyahooo genocidere nutjob a sore finger...... but when you display it in your new bookshop... for gods sake dont mention to any prospective buyer, especially if they have a Natural Store bag... the genius piet Rachel...weaves in... the italicised sections AN Others gorgeous oassages on what he would do about eco greedygits.... fabulous excerpts....  it is woven into one long gorgeous pity we dont learn from pity.... but for gods sake dont tell em cos she is a woman she could get away with palagarising the ferkin Unabombers manifesto...  or theyll tell their  hotyoga friends you are ...something...not i dont know their minds, nor can they in fact they havent really got them.... why the environment is fucked... at least old Una put his money where his gob was ecen if not in a good way , they do nothing but sneer..." )



film airing mattresses ( theres a reason to have 3 layers ...censored)

oblong  black fabric covered mattress

i especially love

as it is a sirt of performance artwork...

is the resistence


it was taken off the huge bonfire i was ordered to make for my humble wages ... paid by [ very censored] whom were paid lots of money to officially be chief serious  legal protector  of the regional environment...

loadsa newsprint on [ censored] ...

i sighed... " even ...them..." 

hardly used dog mattress just a bit of staining easily cleaned off... 

chucked... to burn..along with 100s if boxes of fancy dogfood crates.... not far from a nearby hamlet

one despairs 

there is no propriety... i know no brit not a fake.. .

Do as i say ( and can take you to court for)... but you dont even know what i...DO

poor people

inauthenticity bites you in the bum sooner or later

time to fill in many  holes left

no point thinking any more or speaking or hoping or dreaming

i officially give up.

on 1st December

for a reason