Friday 3 November 2023

written 31 oct ..but time to ... ??

 a year on.

From what? But i know the best of years if one knows why one means it...

What do i know? A long standing wish for my handwriting to improve.... i had long had.... almost an ultimate 'bodily' matter.....but of course it is THEMIX.... and it did. No matter what anyone else may assume that is a good thing

...hmmmm....  to ponder and ?

" the way your [British] parents  bring up their children is terrible"

Darkhorse on 'cluster b'  - i don't like all this jargon  - it does no good, but knowing simpler cause and effect maybe does...

But they always leave out: years of bad movies, years of small screens ... years of the ultimate fake news brochuring via Fakebook... and then a few more simple things, too... i know very few get out and have a long walk no matter what... which sort of sorts you out no matter what