Sunday 24 December 2023

a smile... sort of

The top of my 'list' hhmmm I had got there a year ago: firly regular real laughter... even belly laughing. 

But there is a price i guess for finding what is good, right... valued more than any other.

You may lose .. just that, laughing, in the  trying...

Well i never expected a look... that just made me laugh. Real laughing.. 

Bloodywell gone and messed up with my plan though, as i sort of felt ready to have a crack at trying to get the words into something resembling a punch poem, about how even on ' hold' ... as so so often for 14 years,  and theoretically nothing, and maybe even trouble in others' minds...

Even the last six months, only one final personal quest, total failure... when so so many small little surprising moments  even if non-momentd, fill it all up... it really is as close as anyone can get to extending time for real, the notion you have lived a hundred years in even six months. But feel exactly the same as first time ever i saw your face ( though before, as writing is even better)

bloody poems 

arent real life but this one i wanted to get the thing of it in a verse or two... thought categorically now i can... nothing to distract all done, and nothing...

Thwarted!, cant think now... anyway thinking is just thinking... rarely what you autothink in person

and laughter, always lovely...and the only real answer

and best way

to Be