Monday 18 December 2023

art... don't bother! three of them so do so much energy into them: " great white hope woman if you could figure art ... really powerful art in the total ruination of the rivers... i think she meant it she cares!! maybe she could help"

just to remind mysrlf stay away from any tourist area they even put these on their kids... and like all the other bits of plastic they left for the seaguls to play with ... left behind, chucked.... 

and even them... pretend friends ...hustlers ...people pleasers... sad ss they may just mean what they said..rather a lot
( fabulous younger woman 40s, born in Mullion, this morn,   van people chat at dawn even if in her words " im just a slave" ..."and they just trash my homelands with their rubbish as if its a disney themepark!")

but a truly fine woman has no voyness, nor shyness and knows her great self esteem is for all to see we did a whole photoshoot smileything


" I was just reminding myself earlier up at the gardens  my own past as they chip forget who you were... thats Londoners for you....i accept the here reality
... my own for many years was a place where you really needed real allies working on the land....  there... for safety sometimes if you get hurt ... or just company.. as of 6 or 7  years ago i could never  fibd anyone  for those roles long ago i accepted that sad fait accompli....  i didnt move here expecting to find  what was needed in some completely different real rural place.... i accept the change... and i think i have processed that real change too by now.... i needed this six months to  have all old hopes truly left behind...another world...but i shoukd write at keadt a small book about that old world one day... just a fairy tale....  even if about an illusion... sane ex city people entirely took over in reality my ladt patch years ago.... thete they pretend otherise and pretending i would say to my own beloved daughter ... is not good for you...ever... Be yourself... and if your past territory   is no linger there to be in.... dont be unhappy about it only one life.."