Thursday 21 December 2023

As he says, and myself i wish that would be all they say.

" my partner has a gentle second sight but she doesnt talk about it much .. it just is for her"

just a gentle often daily little divine coincidence at work ibtake time to enjoy,  call it a second sight i prefer not to call it anything. but i know 100% it is reality

But it shouldnt Be anyones work

" it  [ paranormal, yes  that we may exist in imagination]  matters because it is about our relationality together..."  

but i am not aware of 'it' helping us live healthily and with compromise, together, as functional  couple  family or community; nor ever assist in deciosions  about how to be in unity with  another..any other.
That we alone must figure. Thats the deal 

I have yet to find any such  writer who tells us what any of thiis is...for

And mumbo jumbo  clever waffelry on anything not stuff,  is often close to charlatanism or egomania
thats the point, we cannot know, and are alone to make what we can,  on this earth, now.