Tuesday 12 December 2023


 .. may have to wait. Even if desk cleared of every last job for me....and them.

Years... sought just a few fine minds who cut through the awful swamp of coyness ...no games. Tell it like it is.

Two in one week  is a gift uite unknown. Ms, not british born ( a leading supermarket) " my staff... gee whizz every conceivable 'mental health' excuse for not coming to work ..i never want to hear the words ' mental health' ever again...what is it with this country!?!"!! 


( does not signify  a right wing "send em down the  mines" endorsement... merely happiness a woman may speak her actual mind.... and not be afraid of saying " britain should be in the Hague" even if the actual problem is they would have to build 100 more Hagues if all the dodgy dealings of this arms brokering land and extremely dodgy UN abstinations... got..justice.

#2 " i dont have men come to the farm [ so cendored no hint ... not even a hint of what kind of farm, bet they godsip like heck here... but how sad, my favourite..small... working by hand] ... because the other women here will automatially for certain make false allegations..."

welcome to the real sad little Britain... 

But so lovely to hear this honest version.

What a bolstering to... me, because i know being a lone fairly true voice is not good for you... i was going to shut up forever!!