Tuesday 12 December 2023


 Now, being aside, and having reached a die now I am done time

Planning the time

here and there

Is all there is...on a low budget

Beating the 'system'is as good as it gets

To perfection 12 degrees is so so ..easy..

one of these ... has the

.. ehh how can it be said: 'difference'


I need to sit and ponder now i am dead

Even if all i cared about was showing movement..... to one who makes that to be the quay and of course it is but how do you get it into words? that are not forced and for show. Because i know only one thing - or mode, that does sort the real 'nature connected' to those whom colonise that term ...for endearment 


And celebration means when two independent sources confirm what i knew years ago

notes for finishing the last word


(' feminine ' dont you know... ehh that raises some questions)

and in serbo croat

( 'masculin')