Monday 25 December 2023

hedgehogs reprised.

 But i know i dont feel my best.. a rare waking up again  at midnight and couldnt sleep .. the price of feeling anything.

That while awful soul curation world, so exemplified in their Tolle...  who 'knows' the way to Be

All i know is often enough i have augmented .. bolstered....even men i truly couldnt take more than 5 minutes of... brexity or lost-to-internet conspiracy  men... and they ALL went nuts in 2020

But its always good, theres always something good in time... just changing tack away from them, as certain a necessary tack as if  avoiding the ehirpools of Charbydis.... and just letting go into being closer in ... 

you know you will sink. As tgey pull you down to the dark places you see them inhabit... You know it for sure!

But you learn new ways to swim even better... always

No mindful guru will ever tell you that

 Quay of life