Sunday 3 December 2023

" hiraeth"

 ... only one person has ever even used that word to me,  without me first using it. That was the moment... even if from the first paragraph, i knew.

.... 2010 or was it 11 ( i have an interview with some young Welsh women then on " so please what is hiraeth to you"? it is a good film... from the times when i was living only in 'tension' ... )

But there is the better word , in my opinion - as hiraeth is over, lost, finished.... tinged with pathos.

Saudade ( though you won't find this on  so careless dumbed-down internet) 

I interviewed a Portuguese woman ( unplanned - so beautifuly spontaneous a moment - i learned to let go into them) 2021.. her like me above all the health hystrria

ONE line alone she said

 " [unlike hiraeth] saudade is nit finished yet..."

Anyway, as a symbol or marking of ??? 

what a wonderful 6.03 am.

It is so much better ' live'.

Sat in the warm predawn .. looking down into

 ( extremely noisy) 


That gorgeous  Estonian 

who gave us also my yruly wonderful 2020 find ( as i was preparing to leave them..)

but today in SU

Tabula Rasa

But what a poem!! 

read saoud

on change ... nature is change embrace change as nature is it...


but within her poem, the Rumi and the Estonian... my my sll the questions in juman psychology midfulness and  gurulifecoaching "DM me for change" are turned into a lifetime of work to figure which may