Sunday 24 December 2023

 ... hmm...

talk about really clearing the desk

and a masterclass in ' beating the system'

And that pure zen... the grown up type, is live in the moment 100% but have a plan b just in case

or at  least assume what they say, Three mobile, is a lie ( i have the recording and dozens of emails) so assume the worst.

Buying ... renting... in March your new upgrade only necessay as battery so poor 

and...Be..lieving.. this horrid film mefium on youtube or wherever.. well, she.. caused me to let go and relate to it i know is part of many folks future ( even Anthony Hopkins is said to be an instagram sensation hmmm ..i hope they can listen to his beautiful longform nuanced  words i heard 37 years ago on the wireless about his booze compulsion..and take them in... fully. Even if he was a bit wrong: all compulsions can be moved beyond... entirely. As if a brand new set of intertwined DNAs... 

yep just videoing any old bullshit... dont be coy...let go... i was trained in a year ago ... not my native 'envirinment' at all... even a whatsap video call

Anyway... i hate even changing one phone number ( kept a few sims i had over the years ...ehh 20! years... as just in case... even that sounds suspicious. by 2008 a personal number and a seperate  ' work' one that gets turned off anytime kid with.... which was most if the time.. 

07958 526 three eight one... 

the old personal 079 7979 number superceded late 10s...

 getting first disater  smartphone new start .. new number

But being Three are such insane  liars... " fuckem .. i can do one better and get a free 1500 quid rather excelent video phone out of you...even of only for a few more months " 

assuming they could auto lock it or turn the whole thing off... hahh hahh..

no... beat them! 

But its time to ditch the  old newer number for good....

they said would work even through the bill dispute

but didnt

but i kindof hate it having even had two numbers...  and really hate it even more i deployed some old numbers ... in a 'just war' this year.

People assume

even if told sweetly

 " you make the mistake of thinking i am you.... [ or someone else who isnt me]"

i am a one number man. And never had anything to hide someone can have all my devices and internet histories   i have no more use for them...

 EVERYone else,  but two people, who have my new new payasyougo [ really great new system, much cheaper than contract,  quite impressed] thisyear number,  is always 'work'.. 

no one else ever gets the personal...  but those two.

and there were many ralphs as each has 15 gb free storage

( even if each name has a long poetical set of resonnances)

But i will be assumed some dodgy whatever... 

even if every bit of internet a waste of time... 

( you see there IS 'energy'  and tension in just writing 'live' online...not knowing who may be peeking in...)

wow 2020 when i know i was jotting in what no one else would dare admit ( but some a year later said theytoo Be'd happy in that year) .. so busy with new thrills i couldnt write properly...

but it is part of the 'magic':  let go, ideally on a tightrope wire....  and trust... give away control ( theyre all so so adficted to its tragic)... riff

the words do come just like that ... even if mine are all first messy draft.