Thursday 7 December 2023

 righty ho....

kairos time

in just a range of  noteform posts/essays over 9 months

that ratger expanded far beyond any intention... hahh hahh oh well, too much

  ( and audios started summer, unplanned-  i know are unique... on letting go, sharing all... is authentic, and freedom too...and the best soulfood for the mindbody there is.. )

time to let the mystic back in fully.. even if she may have been sat on my shoulder  nagging at me all summer 

" dont be a dead parrot up ear ..naggin innit,  like bit at least... take risks.. speak with new people... roam... stop being you... and stop all that past stuff... was always a waste of time no one ever could care theyre all so butterfly... lost in space... where life dies"

perhaps an omen... sundermorn

symbolic of... 

off to the headquarters of what seems to be only a whole county of them....

i speak nice friendly collaboration stuff... and tell them my truth....

but none ever follows on....

or serms even to REMEMNER what spoken of at great length

me i remember every wotd and stand by every one

even from years ago

the rubbish chucked around here ... 
is just tragic

and anyone who even  remains  longterm in this country with their younguns needs to think twice

i got on well  with youth  and my my ...  they lost it... 
 we never did any of this in my wildwest teenagerhood

down there

 except i must finish that seagul poem

that puts their natural song 
back where it belongs
and i didnt know 
until a few days ago
how beautiful they are
sailing and singing at dawn

 i wish they would stop asking "are you ok in that" .. 2 years
the ultra simplomobile.. so bloody happy out of it most of day in the sun or einyer uv

but its time to stop... and maybe try and write something just a bit conventionally whatever they need...

oh yes hahh hahh... silver lining story to come

at least half of early december 22 to March 23...and
due so so so tragically shabby men.. 5 or 6   autumn 22, professionals!  unable to figure a simple common engine problem...  stuck 9 months
not even  able to run the motor...

fine had its simple lining, i would never have stopped long enough to spy her... had it not been for that enforced very long..stop
and if you can survive many nights minus ten or even 15... this is a walk in the park
and a swim in a december river

 but none can LIVE her... Be her
Taleb's  Black Swan.
THE key to all psychology... relating ...  being stuck

( last place .. 10 yrs ago...the place of juju... first  walk we had at Titley Pool 500m away after moving in... there she was just near the bank!! one of only about a dozen in the country...  they are so rediculously beautiful up close and... we just sat and stared at one another..)

one book about how to be dead... as a people .. of Omelas ( even the rebridged religious bigot agreed, as we riffed upon PC and 'woke'  Mondayaft..." look... a person who does themself in because of a bad report on her school ...should NEVER be anywhere near kids in the first place..."

Rache.... how to live on...maybe.... surrounded by madness and tyranny... bide your time, maybe a little silver lining will come along  
even for those  as good as tortured in a gaol.. for life... by the state

and i learned from her...
because she doesnt trade in confected pity and preciousness...
she knows what women should, Be...

now i am ready...
nothing else to do... ( is bliss when you tried your best)

but bad poetry to finish first

and as for collaboration just to meander along in ordinary real winter life two per woodburner...
All of them only preach... and can never put anything into practice...