Thursday 7 December 2023

New dawn....


all the suckers who never listened to mine influenciation   

some days

You  really loud...

Not only did all those 'orrid plaztic things yer glued to

and see nothing


ruin the ability to Be anything but the plastic instantiation of


 the music even gets turned into some insipid shallow puddle 

without one of

" fatty theres only one left on the whole planet" ..

Even he couldn't listen....

How i teased her...

" You... noticed.... you alone as we  arose for disembarkation

all the rest a cacophination...

i respect people who notice


and ever since i left the little plastic piece off the back of 

the shaver

( and for the other reason i told you about too... them)

keepsake of one who told her... truth ...

that ultimate face to face mamouth...

now all we have some years is all along she was dead ..



hahh hahh thats good... i just sit with 2 min batt left and say...nothing

very fast

no thought 

thats the goddesses job

So being as hardly anuone else has a 


as he never listened... ( old style before health and safety  went snd got all bodily)

you cannot hear this on your awful little bimbophones as it is meant


" you and your plastic Bertrand ... i bet thats why the Belgian seductress stole him away from his pie and chips ee was quite 'appy with.. i see you play st being a pink even nicely middle age .. well at least listen to some propper musac... me i would have it powerin me along in brexit times...and i 

know WHY the dawn never had a chance... my side couldnt spell allies to save its life..or enlightenment"

but its got to be the right version

and a clared desk

and the right day

If Novax crew had had the right musac.. from a once great culture...  on full vol, in their tanks rather than Serbian bongo bongo fighty hissy fit musac them Croats wouldn't have had a chance