Friday 15 December 2023

not the bosses but the people

 ..need all those Hagues.

1993 of course was the watershed year ... Bulger.

Two 10 year old boys...

Do a Lord of The Flies...

When Hay Literatrure festival was still not yet a Nestle,  Bollinger and "EOS Fist class only airlines" 

sponsored Notting-Hill-on- Wye  love in , without any love

I remember well hearing there  the Norwegian writer and cultural critic a few years later speaking about his book:

 " we had a similar case... a child the same age had committed a tragic act in respect of another child 

" the 'sentence' the judge handed down, unlike your Thompson Venables... was that the village MUST take the child back into its midst and the village would raise the child.... give him therapy in the village.. the normal villagers... and raise him to be a human man"

The actual diference between the UK and a fair few other countries

But when one hears 30 years on yesterday Mother hen Bulger  victim-celebrating in public that this poor man... hasnt been parolled for porn, even if kiddie and apparently only fairly low level......  like he wasn't  a  creator  or vendor.. i feel sick it was never my country

She 'entitled' ( bolstered by the Sun newspaper) to one of those  human beings suffering his whole life for some mad act he did as a still young child... 

it proves Liverpool the most fake disgusting evil place on the planet

"Give peace a chance" their false god sang ( who only saw his own son once or twice in 10ish years despite being able to afford a personal learjet back and forth over the pond, daily, hearsay... young sad Lennon..lived in my hamlet..a humble one him randomly there.. )

but no one can listen here...


it starts at home

with ones own inability to forgive or move on