Saturday 9 December 2023

Now, all those assumers....

 ... it continues.

But never again.

The derfect day 

In the perfect so .indfully settled and centred mood

Has two mornings.

The one at 5am or at a push 6

And then a second

After a jolly good ( European style) siesta

A good hour and up you wake

Another lovely day!

( 13 degrees really makes the day)

Even when you hear a bit of the silly outside world.

20 years ago i failed to get my flesh and blood out of this country

( the mother 5 years priir making the deal, we would)

Well in her job, worldwide human rights

J hope she thinks twice

Only two the world....voted NOT ...for  the immediate  stop.

You essay...

and its sick little bloodthirsty arns brokering lapdog

 your cuntry

Never was mine...

Bow bow wow your heads... i tried.

I happiest person on the world...