Monday 4 December 2023


 yer can't use words like 'disciple' ... in these 



when all most be to a perfect


you ... 

.....arent any good real men left

they got no balls....

or the few whom may

are all lost to idiots with no backbone other than faked, and certainly of no elegant self belief.... or true genius dance in them

" ohhh my god Missus genius writer collaborative team of wimmin...... you have famous HIM as man on the back cover telling the world about you.... i shouldn't even be   .... [ " i can't even even touch the books you've read" the only great lost love line, ever and very HATEful.. .. of ... ??? certainly not of wimmin...more himself deep down in his idiocy]...)

lost to these angsty men.....such as their absurd gods from Brand to Tommy Robinson and Belfield-in-the -slammer... rightly or wrongly i have no idea, the propoganda around him insane.... even if he should have been sent to the dungeon for such failed awful spitty failed rhetoric.....and even once tell-it-straight,  even if a tad deluded, Katie Hoppers.... in between....

you gotta have grace... or some special it factor....

I don't have... or if i ever do ( they tell me at times) its lost in too much to do

 just trying to  

get one

to follow through

with her words

" blood on their saddle.... if they dont start speaking straight and as for unisex bogs... can we have another record please ... the French dont care about a crack

or a

 tailler le pipe 

all the same hole...

and drain

on society

 real society...

But back to a point.

ahahhhh thrres always a fix

cept for .. err i assume


( a small roll always in my sac)

keeps thepressure exactly in the right spot

so the'connection'


" i want this to work" 

hahh hahh conections tale a lot of effort

put on the shelf.

But... who would have thought

go back 2 or  even three years ago...

thoughtbub one dawn at the embers:

" it is the end page one rather than ' we own up.. we ignored Thomas Bernhard the greatest writer 2nd half 29th c as he took the piss

so gacefully

out of INSTITUTION.. ( true love forever anyone sceptical about them a year ago)

especially out of all academe.. 

and Rachel should have got the Booker for not moanin... rather teaching, even me

one of her characters transitioning from boy to girl all alone in the quiet of  [?] nighttime cell.. with  no pity, and we learn from no pity.. no confected caring for he she ir uts all just... the way it us.... never mind a bloke couldnt have woven in with such genius,  his .. the mass murderer's ..manifesto. The beautiful parts... cut off ... pasted in .... woven within....and given their own new life in her  300 odd page perfect poem to universal tyranny..

  ' we proudly  announce eight either sex loos' ...or however the pc politicking put it.

" hmmm.... this IS surely possible to attack.... . surely.... this newspeak Orwell on bad drugs .. it has to be its the end of humanity or at least this phase in this land... i wouldnt want a butterfly fightened so it flutters on but .. this is not the way to quitness and peace in society

".. but its not possible no one dares, no one is ready ... and anyway no man can   speak out at all... never mind with grace and Monty Python  humorous authority.... 

" i know how...even if i don't have the flow...i know the way to rhetoric  this word policing and  bizarre new tyranny back into balance..i have pondered good arguments bulletproof.... 

" but as a hope...i would need at least a few women as allies .... moral support... true sincere body language they need this to stop, now! .    they front of house.... who also mean it... they feel it could be done.... and its impossible i would ever find even one....."