Thursday 21 December 2023

Pia... clothed airing in the warm wind

 warm as a lamb ... snuggled up on your coat in front of the woodburner...

Three notes to self in there: the nice local meatfarmer told by us a decadevago there was an unwell lamb in his field

"  not cost efficient for me to care... "  leaving it to  die a long lingering death in the damp 

( no farmer would have done that in my youth, we all had total pride... )

and then the American  ' good life'  ist.... and her city  bureaucrat man  ' traded down' to buy a smallholding

who had spent the evening with us, the next day

" it was so lovely to feed your new pet lamb ladt night.... but when i got home i had to put all my clothes in the washer as the smell  [ of nice clean newishborn lamb] ... overwhelmed me"

Which was the schism a decade ago i have not one bit of frazzle left for years...

you know you ' lost' then