Saturday 23 December 2023

" simple life"

 .. no,  not a Homeric repetition

Although it is the only remedy and simple answer to all 

Such a wonderful whole series of examples over half a year have daily  been Homeric chorus... proof

Something much deeper now, that in fact so ultra simplifying everything, has allowed. Soon

But in passong just one day in the Life of an absurdly fortunate Ivan Denisovic

I mean it is all quite simple, had my life not been so ultra simplified .. streamlined, cut back to only what matters, then i would not have had the 'time' .. poise... calm...  'space'... for that truly most nourishing real chat for three hours  i mean that alone is impossible so of course she wss a poltergeist ghost dervish  angel delight...) with maybe the only interesting English woman ever...  and certaimly most truly magnificently HONEST

.about the things the others dare not share...

Out of the blue just like that

( so wonderful Neruda " a conversatiom does not Be..gin until we have been speaking an hour" .. he would have been crying [ as i still do to Watership endings]  with glee: ' look at them!  my disciple he....  and shetoo.... she goes to break off to her day every half an hour...  he assumes she will be ... but in the true tango of life with time for it to platonically, no kissing, play out  all the perfectly....  especially when the subjects are so life changingly important... that of a young man currently lost to Tate... etc... she doth...linger..'... 

What matters. One tjing to share from last January, soon...

 And Synovial stuff we dont understand but recently peek at.... it REQUIRES uv to do what it has been doing for millions if years .. keep the little arthititis bugs at bay

last February


now...lastereve..i have done all i can

Am done
and as Grarls sang 
( " Est... top of the pops! .... number one for years the music had been adleep...half dead.... but it has come back at last")

"I will die when I am done"