Tuesday 26 December 2023

simple life

Probably a scanner... someone butterflying in here would not even understand or 'relate' to this...

And even great quality free 

( i will publish that story its so funny!) video phone and audio recorder, will not properly record a few minutes of the perfect simple life soundscape last night... rain softly pitter patering on my roof  early evening settling down with an old black and white film)

but for years this sound is the very best  of quiet gentle sounds that put all in perspective, like a great poem.

 The best of simple life

a few minutes of, here, and some words:


sunrise over her creek


except a perfect metaphor, the light actually the military lights a few km yonder... looks like a kind newdawn when just  the same old stupid war

But i dont get get it!

I have been here a few times before in the last month

Seal Sanctuary 

 (lovely slopey gradient if jump start needed)

car park

a photo taken at 630am in complete dark, but it looks half light, as when i have taken other photos here of the military overlords lights in the past



and.. the future

and the past.

Even ultra trendy writer Hanif has one ( a man whos culture evolved myvgeneration)

Except... reading one of his last books .. 6 or 7 years ago, it was worse than a sick death cult weirdo McEwan book ... neurotic nervy lost towny self obsession..

and no love

no gentleness

no laughing AT ..ourselves

And quite sick...

to me symbolic of what went 'wrong' some years ago


but the woman from substack speaking on rad4 first thing today i was quite impressed by... internet mistress, but no false messiah in her words

i must learn how to use it properly

especially as i think i need to try and tell one story

because she doesnt deserve the lines on her face

even if i loved them at first sight

i need to collect the great things she said... for future people in a mess

thats her real story. And i know the parts of her that were authentic