Tuesday 5 December 2023

" simple"

 sometimes means mking use of others waste or excess of course

Or minorly migrating a few miles there or if one must here .. just occasionally.

Best atchin tans though are in 'plain sight'... where it is not imagined anyone may be up first thing using the free light

New last ever notes:

remember sunday early eve... parked aside

road a few miles up from pooey stream

In a field gateway

farmer stops

( this would never happen before 2021)

" ehhh up... so you have business in the field then")

I managed  i can, i appeased him... 

( " brought up around small  farms North Wales building well made gates and fences just admiring yours...not on your way here i hope... public highway still...track up to the gate")

" ... i stop everyone now.. askem what theyre up to.

"....last few years ... its terrible... the van lot... all these that come 'ere... heading down there.... with their  fancy vans.. shit in gateways.. dont care who has to use them...... last week  great pile of toilet paper all over... just there.... " 

I am not  of' here' nor sadly a man of the van...

any more.

Because the rest.. not all..i met one fine real happy Nomadland woman choses her vanlife old and smelly... have of course spoiled it...

 But this is no negative little end of crusade.

Especially revisting him yesteraft..

I realised yes ... is he the first truly happy man i have met for years? And the answer: for sure...

And maybe first ever true artist who also is only happy, open... at total peace.

No vainglory ego battle....  and above all " i wish to leave behind a few things may add to humanity in a good way if i can.. thats all now.."

And maybe like him now my own curious little forward march for 20 years definately is at its end

( and i hope the fine collaborators.. do NOT  mean what she said... me 100% committed..." genius like yours for the kids is almost impossible to find... i really do wish to be of service...for free..no strings...  understand the economics of the book... and you truly are worth s crowdfund effort...someone will see a decent return on investment if thry chip in you could dell sell like hot cakes made of unrefined sugar and real food ..as long as the woke precious thing hasnt ruined everyones brains..in fact we know your writing is created to really rather push back on that for the sake of your... fourkids..... i mustv bedtime read 100s to mine and a few others...."  i wish your great words and art had existed then... they are what i was seaching for 15 years ..never found".... 

" wow you have truly changed my life  never had such careful and thoughtful perusal of its purpose and unique new direction for kidsbooks... thank you, yes please!!!"... i hope follow up ignored ghosted or whatever .. as i know so sadly all of em live a weird smileyfaced  illusion... maybe even her... to have proof even her eould truly tell me i was always right....even if like a fool i still assumed just one may .. Be different)

anyway him!

happy him

" years i have been at them... thousands of em i have...  but  now in my dotage [ lie.. superb sharp mind at 76 ]

... i find i am deeper have more GRACE and am looping back through as many as i can and adding to them or adjusting... and am truly happy doing just that"