Friday 8 December 2023


that's a rather big 'now'

even if shetoo has gone sulky... as soon as i tell her 

" my truth" 

what a gorgeous writer she is !!

no one except the big Bob the builder of wonky Pastylandshire shitpipes 

has made me laugh,

 as she did just a few nights back

one quip


the second greatest literature i have spied in one year ( for adults)

" you didnt ask permission!... thats bedroom vudu.. " 

i only call geniuses  geniuses when.... 

they are

despite themselves

But i am ahead of all the games the goddesses may play....

All i really was curious about is how did Gabriel... the south american master of the story

and spirit

Do it...?

Florentino had to do it rather a lot en route to his happy ending...

But if you love only one... how do you do

the others, on the way

without doing the do

She, alone,  was told just how... maybe

the great writer did do

that, we cannot do... in person

or at least 

face to face

in this sterile aisle

bedroom vudu i think i will have tattoed on the side my heart ... the one that isnt busy in keeping me alive

no matter what