Saturday 2 December 2023

The Seaguls Sing At Dawn, Too

 suoper a1  FLOW tips for dimple life ...

-3 ish... 

must run engine 10 min...

keep batteties charged

but think BEFORE you flow..

.. " what else may benefit being warmed?" .. only 10 min make the most of it!! 

( they are SO cheap and nasty this brand) gas bottle  if even 5 degrees really struggles to flow

warm it up  as windiws being denisted, the flow fabulous...

but its my flow that matters...flowing as if dancing [ sic]  through these simple habits .... minimal light, fingers iceblock... any charge you get only 10 minutes of battery......make the most of every movement, really is diference between life and death..


got 'it'

What a good book title.

But there are " layers of an onion" to it .

that i guess no one these days has time to peek under

and ponder

what they mean.

THE far better book

By Bach.

The Bridge Accross Forever...

.. frabnkly his Seagul kindof the problem...

( i met him lasterve, dreadlocked, very pale.." well the shrooms let us all be at oneness connected and all this microplastic and chemical in the creeks will be part of the next great connected onness" .... the opersonofication)

In Bridge...

Although he may have caused a problem popularising 'soulmate' that if course melds into 'twinflame' ..both of which i have pondered to the ultimate degree.  .

as problematical

But in Bridge..

with  his helpmeet

they find 1+1 = 3 which is ansolutely essential to protect the large forredted nature reserve next to where they moved out to.   

" allies" " watch your back" ...whatever. .

ten years of  observing the environment past region destroyed as no one had read his great book. .

And taken it in.

My only real book to roll out...

maybe one day.

Anyway  ... of course if folk have known nothing else they dont know.

In properly wooded regions duch as parts of my last there is a dawn chorus that is more interesting fromabout is full of urgency " we may drop stone cold dead two birds with one stone any moment...! i am HERE.


its better than a spring dawn chorus due the way death possibly so close  brings sexy desperate  sexiness to their shreiking 

and i had no idea the seaguls do it too..

but it must be a quiet non blowy day dawn at the coast ( there have hardly been)  or you dont hear the full loveliness of their chatter and flirtin' 

A really different quality of   chat that first 10 minutes as they get up

it makes sense of them as unique life with its own cares loves and desires

when frankly they were only gettin on my nerves til today