Friday 15 December 2023

thing is i care

we..or my daughter, at least has some truth.

Though even her ( i need a nickname de plume...of course she claims that pandemic of 'dyslexia' as they all started to 15 years ago.. so she cannot write even a bit of her truth[ i gave her best ever money making authentiv true tip just wednesday " these books are genius... you are in book pimping central.... they are the [ cure to you] ... real healing for the world.... and when your kundalini bullshit line runs dry ...[ or London mummies crefit line].. here you go someone could make an AUTHENTIC moral living agenting them...".

but she is simply a Dickensian' t'was ever thus' beautiful example of reality 

i have a while website set up for her to show the world...her..  the not quite do true version
( i NEED to write her story.. TGFTS.. as her the majority....i know they ruined the only one i value and respect... for her truths " you should be in The Hague, before us" .. here..or anywhere in this land ... they  have blighted still do [ only in local damage] my life for 15 years.. but i dont want her to know it is her  not because of their usual games " i will get you nicked..for saying that".. no simply because she is ... modern vapid England....universal..... and my own engagement over 15+ years.. [ this May: " WILL pay me back the money you borrowed from me to buy your lovely boy the couldnt afford ...cos years you lie....

" i was the one stood next to him...i adked him to phone you as very last resort...i still remenber the heavy rain December 2014 .... them really, him dying and Emma his woman with their new baby in her stomach ...  you their mother hen..mothrr hen to 100s of yhe tribes and via your fakebook.... you knew and henned them all for years  with your songs of 'bliss' and many a small cliquey festival for your spiritual sisterhood... whilst the child abductor claimed unlawful child tax credit at YOUR address  for years...when years ago she had abducted Marks 2 boys abroad so never lived there... we just want you to have a word with her, your best yoga healer reikii friend,   please can they see his boys.... before he dies...and we will pay for the tickets and an alowance for her if she returns .. and already she has it in writing from [ my pseudonym i eas mediaying her] ... she seems to trust, no criminal or any other legal proceedings... we swear on all our childrens lives "

Anyway yes a universal story based on real events...among every UK 'healer' yoga hottie... reiki mistress..... 
Houlebecq couldnt dream up
but it needs laughs too..

looking up JP THE great find of 2020 he does an even funnier yogamummies one. 

on the other hand how did i miss this one!!, especially when my ' friend's' yogasite frankly takes it to a new level....of photos if her at the Wye....  if you know the yogababe concerned and were in fact her only friend for some months autumn 2022 you know ... her in true mental distress... her con finally sarted to hurt her too....