Friday 8 December 2023

what a bodily!


i have finished here now...

even if it is only a night or two in the fortnightly circuit



i hope i spelt that right

no bleedin spellcheck in the phone input screen

makes you want to scream

but forget tech

her only tech her trusty brolly

( and how they make me want to something rhymes with tech, heck)

their flourescent jackets

just for a meander along the cliffs

health and safety 

needy spivs

" look... at my little strip of flourescent tape on my brolly handle...thats all the showiness i need"

but her body

i wstch her

a little powerhouse pf keep on keepin on....

And her chats

" 4 miles a day most days... all these nonsense new ones and silly ways...

[ even if all the warmongering here makes me sad]

" no..

 "over vietnam...  day after day for years

" nothing much of interest happened there either

" just human madness..

" for days and days"