Tuesday 30 January 2024

aggh... as i told her

 bodily bodymind....

 write sat ir stood stationary for a bit 

get stuck...

go saw logs at your logbench or in my case no one to saw logs for ...one alone, doesnt warrant them especially here most of the trees burned down decades ago

so go do my housework airing etc the moment the blood is flowing

the lost bit comes back

Vogons... vogon love poetry

and Adams superb  words like one if  daddy's dams broken ...  by a bomb ...  

words .. Dams... used by Estiabddad....to so beautifully smash to pieces the goveenment line


used his humour  (reading out the whole Vogon section when asked by BBC Keith what courts are like... " well Keith..let my assistant Esti.. sat here helping as my 


...helper teal ally....for you folks  out there in radioland... she was working on it in the passenger seat as we hared up this morning to the studio i wouldnt be here without hertoo... let her .. hand me the only words we need, she annotatated earlier for me... this is what its lije dealing with uk courts...[ Adams italicised section describing Vogons] " 

it worked

Straw realised.. ( see the othher site 2008 section)  ... he could not hoodwink


real art.. 


real writing

and he surenderred!