Saturday 13 January 2024

And so the great REset, means been there before - many times the last 8 years... into true total final zen once more.

Even if there are some videos rhat need sorting out 

One i noticed this  morning as i settled down with 7am coffee after naked riverbath at 6    ( its  just TOO easy here...)

was left on draft meaning if clicked on via these pages  it wont be there.

reset ...infact reset to being a carefree thirty i was when effete just like them...all

Because 40 and 50 something doing lots of something ..

I know no one cared and above all NO English born woman ever ever ever wishes to be around even a slightest bit of a warrior man... even when it was for their  ( or dysfunctional friend or relatives' ) kids

I suppose because 

a. itshows them up as never having done anything rhemselves.

b. the 'reserving the right' to be a bourgeois consumer  no matter what they put on Fakebook, is indeed the strongest force in society ( my my i had no idea it was this bad, meandering Sainsburys yesteraft sussing out electrical sockets  im a cafe ( " closed 2 years ago, mate") every single man is dressed iut of a hipster cowboy, or'sportif' magazine, and every singlewoman dressed out of a Guarduan colour suplement

( i knew years ago there are NO rural people left even in my last region where  these folk began to infiltrate 15 years ago and now make up 30 to 40%... but here its 100%...  i am gobsmacked... i acrually do look like  'tramp' among their Saibsbury aisles as the only one notdressed to the  bourgeois nines ... none of em smile real smiles tjough 

no one... in either place,  knows the zen of a day getting dirty in old jeans chopping chainsawing and  lugging fallen trees around for free firewood... which turns into a week solid as you get ' oh well lets do the job propper and get a years worth in...while we are gere' ...and no point having a bath between days at it all day.... but that end-of-job bath is the best there ever was ... never mind true nindful satisfaction... this i chronicled ending 7 or 8 years ago i have superb real film of the day the 'tree grab' died ....and two grown adult men, neighbours too... being children with chainsaws wirhin 1 meter of each other... back to back buzzing frenetically...  with pride... rural men do not have pride...i dont know about rural babes as i only found acouple of them left... 8 years searchin'  .  the rest fakes cos its trendy.. and they were married to dinosaurs so not a good idea to hover around them too long just to see how they be..) 

Anyway to writing only now...i reminded myself no one ever cared  or answers emails even when ( in principle -age group, cohort) about their children

( too busy with'holistic' bullshit sales websites no doubt.. between depressions...i tried to..i could cure!) 

all pseuds, every single one.

Its lovely to have a reminder every few years.

Is one of several quays to happiness.

the zen


I did my best

despite them

(" you just kinda wasted my precious time" to quote the bard but he was wrong to chide!  . be agressed by wasted presh time is wonderful .. liberating.... means i never have to bother ever again ... as so much oresh time given to always be wasted...8 have scientific proof i never have to bother ever again)