Wednesday 17 January 2024



14 january youtube copyright  auto  fiddled  with  due whining Whitney 

video loaded here


all is appetites

appetites for all sorts especially in London-on-sea from an astonishing array of each must have individual fashionwear, and special vehicles, which all must be oaid for ( to be infilled later) to appetites for so much drug guzzling, but i think it is the more subtle appetites that are unspoken of that do the most harm even to great minds i care for... such as appetites for thousands of false friends on Fakebook, even when all us balanced ones gave that up years ago.... and appetites to Be seen as someone special, a bit quirky a bit shaman special... having something special...

( good program on all that modernday trendy silliness to be linked soon when i get over killer bug... the lovely tjing in that 'study' is it days....nothing... just showoff hipsters saying, 

rather than just walk on every day in the uv ...  which keeps your keel ...even

when the rot  sets in

and lines deepen

I am so lucky, all sorts i have known as simplest simple ways  for years... i meet random communicants

confirm they know, too these are the best ways, to Be... and i don't even feel smug

 ...  but i do feel one