Wednesday 24 January 2024

chemical spills the top Natiomal Trust space

no one gives a damn
too busy walking showoff expensive
just up from here

( far worse than it looks in NT nature reserve... chemical brine flowing all the way down.... i have film too) 

nor do they give a dam about barbed wire left everywhere ( for years ....i can tell i spent many years on smallholdings where and have pride)

but its better than this... cos 2 days ago i i interviewed one of their elves who  spent s fair while telling me jusy by here how they were so so so only concerned with folks 
" safety"
in fact it was her....job

but  have to start at the beginning now 


the hypocricy levels were far far funnier Monty Python absurdist at last region

 this is just cream on a very flat pancake

because its true happiness to know...all is so so  ecosystem awful
and you  were

never mind right, years ago, about

and its not givernment nor businesd
its guess who