Saturday 6 January 2024

" entitled" ..

 ... most say

To "I dont blame politicians or even corporations as we would 80s ;  the people went nuts" 

the few who do speak out ( even if later hissy gossip a backstabby style) " they all act so entitled" 

But entitled ' to' what.? Yes the bottom 1/3  entitles to a huge flatscreen yes yes yes but no one cares about the bottom 1/3  especially anyone associated with Novara Media ... as they dont know HOW to...

As they dont know how to care for Palestinians

 "  so as to sleep maybe a reasonable sleep-  the definition of a bearable life.. sustainably... you have to give up... stop... walk away...  a milliom at the southern fence youll push it down soon enough"

But back in looneyland

its the 'middle class' you have to watch

I know if i said to the man on the 2pm news

who is such a fat lazy dumbed down part of the problem, he never read Pilger or even watched Panorama spring 2022

 about  how the authorities are nazis .. 

that time in respect of kids

" why are YOU entitled NOT to have 'depression, suicidal thoughts and nearly lose your marriage' ... just cos the Post Office fucked you where it hurts.... and you lost SOME of your hoarded loot.... why mister?  people...millions and millions have been fucked up the bum by authority for centuries... i dont feel entitled,    NOT to potentially have those things you are bleating i dont have them as i walk the hills and read some proppa books...and learned quite alone and unpaid to think for myself.. and understand nutjobs weasel word and false accuse everywhere... and tried tp band together allies 20 years ago! ... and still do... ev3n if they all became people pleasing hall of mirrors nuts, too.... what entitles you to be free from all that you bleat about... what have you ever DONE even to be part of democratic truth to power even.... joining a union going to council meets ... always spivs have been lizards... why you so thick you arent aware they havent changed.. ..? . "

to ( i have thousands of examples )  to the vox pop at 2pm news today

they are such superb actors... of roles they created themselves

that is really what its about

if i said that in any pub or cafe in this land ... someone.. some bloke... will be there staring that i will fuck'im stare ..

" you may mean metoo" 

time to move on