Sunday 28 January 2024

I have 'second sight'... i did not exist

 ... jolly good 

as being right

Is so good for the soul, and mind and body ( the honest ones do say  in Psstylanddhire  is often full of hard drugs

but why didnt she tell me this ? 

The only inelligent woman known for many years, ever,  in fact.. and its obvious where many of the dealing people will live...  in her creek

which ALways damages " community" .. around and about.... 

does she think i havent been around..  in grown up world, a long an actual grown up

All the way time, now the audios 

" but i have to share the real truth  in my mind when she asked me yo fix her fathers house..." 

because i was just not quite being true to truth...  last thing in world i wanted ( " ohh woe is poor me!" ) even if 100% i keep to what i say....  was the horrifying immediatr  thought of a few months alone in pumped up likely on steriods... Ramboland . .. when i was asked...

 but now know in fact i was wrong... really do know it! 

Anything...  anywhere .. even there....would be better than...  here...  100% purest proof time and again... and i dont lie or jump to conclusions, ever..

(loads in the can today   the definite end day, someone else chose the ending for me. always the best way

.. no need for me  to chose...

she did, at the Bar...

.. thank, you ... .. )