Tuesday 23 January 2024

" i perceive you are not arrogant"

 The first judgement

After our first actual communication.

But therein lirs the 'rub'

Or in simpler English, the thing, the problem.

As a lifelong thoughtful person born serious though have a decent respect for absurdist humour

One knew decades ago English ' literature' is a pathetic neurotic cityman game, weird,  unpoetical, shocking just to 'shock' ... and latterly   often riddled with homo  stuff way over the official 3%  allowance, proportionate to reality 

and then they eulogise Madam jump-in-the-river self pitying, useless poet,   Woolf 

rather than Mrs Elliot who lived on until the bitter end  and told us really what living LIFE is. despite the fuckers

Anyway litcrit another day,  but finding not that much to read having read all Elliot, Hardy, fair few of The Russians   age about 30ish ... 

I started on science. Dawkins first.

ok fab writing and full of wonder... but later finding Jay Gould, Rose, Kamin,  all groovy jewmen i later pondered ( my people) ... 

in one word

" maybe"  moje  in Polski

mȍgūće (? they got THREE variants i love this mongrel  language!!!!

and another može biti

fuck its complex

... science the best of it ( not including arrogant Dawkins) until around 20 years ago was peppered with " MAY...BE... this is how it is..."

Around 20 years ago it went over to 


"IS" how it


another good example of how NOT to Be, is  this "arrogant" twat retard

( my fall asleep talk lastereve)

so much of his ( world revered!) interpretation is " it is"

 which  is anti science and SO SO arrogant twat poor nanny-didnt-give-enough-hugs  pityfully unesteemd  British  daddy too busy fiddling with hookers in London dressed as schoolgirls... ( i did research once at dome length in the basements of Bayswater  " you want straight sex...no schoolgirl costume! get out of here we dont do that!!... thats weird!!!"  

( it taking REAL inner strength to say može biti)

As even Smolin says " all my two string theories much modern physics relies on

 may be

 utterly wrong!!" ( keating interview 2021) 

 wonderful real scientist!!!

but this is not just about pop science, i study it even at real high level workaday  professors ploddin along...

so few can accept nowadays their ' findings' may be completely overturned by the next scientist 10 years on who discovers other fundamental  biochemical reasons for this that the other, or physics or hocuspocusvudu theory such as  the various quantum theories

may Be

i was humble and UNarrogant enough to realise as gradually i waded through all of Dawkins' glorious writing

... but then stumbling across MUCH less showy fellow humble non self promoting writers as Jay Gould ( Esti i took you to see him 2007ish.. a lovely talk)

i knew it was all a lot more .."may Be" ... and saw just how arrogant especially EVEN british scientists had become .. 

 " even"... science IS! " may Be" there are so do many beautiful examples of tbem having to change their minds

as they discover a second  next more real reality

only humble folk love all that as i did from 32 years ago..as she arrived  these arrogant shores

so she was right about one thing 

But of course the arrogance  " you must do ayahoonyasca once or you are not aware awake" etcetc bullshit polluted hertoo i ...


but then i also know what may Be means

theres always tomorrow