Friday 5 January 2024


 ( what a 'case')

Last round of truth therapy... or freedom

Or just authority ( long chapter one day... to explain the very interesting letter in one of the links, a few weeks back, telling him he was badly 'abused',  locked in a trunk as a 5ish year old... by the au pair... so dont take my daughter to your horrid celeb world we saw you drown in like an rat thrown into a whirlpool... i knew better and kept her well away!!   too late i guess...    )

facts matter.

With them our descendents may feel they were authoratitively cared about no matter what.

There was never any ' post truth'  even if the truth of 'reality' may be far nicer than the McGilchrists of this world can ever dream up..or worse, full of just fat charmy  boozers like him


all references to actual events are as close to the truth as possible ( and if she drowned in her gin one day..   we go all the way ..that will be nice...not that that episode mattered for a mpment as inauthentics that bad, are so boring ), or occasionally for brevity abreviated.

Such as longterm booze makes people inhuman. I know as my one best friend met 25 years ago, the only Englishman i ever knew  who unequivocally liked women and treated them as pure equal humans..Ronnie Kemp...even if he did desert his own daughter.... by a decade ago ... 15 years really, was lost to his own overdoing the booze.. and for 7 or 8 years  day after day up until 5 or 6 years ago  i tried to find a way of talking him put of it on the phone ... all the way


" ok  Ron you wanna die,  well ive had enough now ...years we get nowhere... ive therapised all the daughter issues out of your headmess ... but failed...  go take yourself off and chuck yourself in the river with an anchor tied to your ankle.. bugger off ad enough" 

did actually seem to work

tge next call proved

and  for a year or so afterwards

but no

in the end

lots of grape

no human left. The grip of the grape is lethal 

By 5ish years ago i had to accept...  he was gone for good, even age a fairly youthfully minded  70 ..  no human left. Only self pity and maudlin. 

So  factualky i ( we) did not attend the cremation of the decade long  whisky addled father they burned only the shrivelled leftovers of a human once the human had been removed over many years as the grape does. And anyone who cannot accept that as a fait accompli is imature and stuck

Drink always kills all humanity even in Ronnie a truly fine human with only one black mark in his past... even if fairly major

so,  'funeral'..ladt post,  is shortcut word for the ' memorial' a few months later i have no idea what  took me to go to.... but what fun from meeting her the ultimate Wuthering Heights fan.... i had to know to know England

all conversations are acurate but occasionally  condensed for brevity into punchier versions [ that condense actual real things said, but the acts.. the DOing things   and stories, are never  fiddled with]

I know  what DOing action was  happening

....down below

i would never  fiddle with, even if it would have been lovely

events  dear boy events ...are life. Must never be Miss Reported