Friday 12 January 2024

mid chronicle

 " Pete... with yourCorbynite prejudice... even if most words you spout are from our quite pure Corbynista yoof... all the girls adopting his looktoo... but you must hate trained by the fools who use the word hate

you just bourgeois sold out

Pete... your lass... you say you love

us nuked up with the silliest damp squid of a rusty  bent Trident ever... one press of our button and Vlad impales us,  with his, so far up our botties your 750 grand thatch and all inside  vaporised as fast as they can put their makeup on as 

the final solution 

before your

your words mate

"bimbo lass"

can say 

"moisture eyes.."

But had you done what you know you should have and 

sent her off say to Portugal

as Portugal has no nukes

And cannot be bothered to be a yankee lapdog bettwer things to do with their days on the beach

one of Vlads will not  be pointed their way...

ergo your daughter has time to put on her moisituriser


and look nice before calling up dad back home on Zoom [even if we didnt quite have it then]

and findin the line



like her dad

but she will still Be

 alive Pete....."

No one of course will, remember to tell the next July 7  bus bomb victims or

kidnapped journalists in ten years time

kneeling below the Saracen 

for Rumble TV

 "revenge of your pathetic 4% of the ammo that night....  got my cus... piece of shrapnel as thin and long as my saracen blade took.... him to Aller ... he the lucky one you goin the other way....had you been Portuguese ....well you wouldnt even be here losing yours.. they got sense in their heads..."