Wednesday 3 January 2024

Simple! why.... cont

Simple life. Why? The march of the sybarites* into The Marches, and the SW. Their Queen died today.

just after chat yest about this region not infected.... the women invomers playing at " community" insist...

fitst meat and 3 veg for months
like a late christmas

you will have to listen to the audio
single woman returns to dark atchin tan to give bloke box of chocs... 
clearly i come over as safe

of yes the first wave of Hay Camillas....
One was paying my  humble wages last year
or i... yo be cont

Sales job they love the Hunter boots...
never a hint if drugs mayhem and dysfunction makes me sick 

*sybarites is just not quite the right word....
and there are no synonyms either
my my i have tried to find a great word for the behaviour word acedia
The word i adopted  25 years ago ( it was the name of my bookshop even then...i am,  unlike everyone else, sadly .... even Ms., " uk should be in the Hague" .... 
word  for them behaviourly  was acedia
google =

  1. spiritual or mental slothapathy.

meaning that is sadly their behaviour.

The most archetypal example died... 61 hey!!!

i think that says rather a lot 

Many slimmer versions of her started to buy up all The Marches 15 or more years ago.... then began fake con charities .... some very large.....clearly they invaded  all the SW too...

Foulmouth, Gwerk, etc etc.... and even here... way away  from the crowd....i met 3 yesterday 

House shopping.