Sunday 28 January 2024



ascertained 15 years ago in in "human" dogging years

two if 

one of us " humans" 

"as i never cared about eco destruction even of the streams feeding Loe Bar... my pooch may ponder lapping...until i huff and puff up its bum' NO!' [ despite being told by moi,  RNIB several years ago went 'positive reinforcement, only'  ] ....

"....despite  only performing participation in all good causes ..

" .. nor in truth caring about the neighbours' 'human'  children who could buy 5 pairs of nice healthy good shoes with what often nowadays i clothe my pooch in ..  all is 

better now

than that 'human' stuff i can now forget

as i  perform  endless sanctimoniosity ... via..



and dont you dare even think  otherwise... and you... lady... your dogs runnin free [ next to me]... cavortin' ...  [lasterweek.].. we are turnin around..... horrified.... you should be ashamed of yourself dogs belting around the swamp out of control like wild animals..[ so happy, you can see, never mind genuinely 'safe' ] ...  come on [ the nagging is an opera in itself ...recorded.. for future art maybe oneday]  dont even look at them.. truly terrible example

.. now thats it.. keep at that pace.. side by side... fully in my control...

 so they see.. i can afford two  .. at two grand a pop   "

( 10% of dog women,  lament at, too...the ones with the actual dogs ' being dogs' .. as one MUST let them Be ..... or it gets dangerous over time. i have licensed them to actually speak whats been squirreled away in their heads too .. two years.. since you know what..) 

I do hope Serbian tv shows that reality, too...

on the cookery channel


( that made even me laugh)

( con text... writes someone spent 20% of he household income  from 2005 on real animals being really animalled up to Northern fascist ferret shows   where if you aint got short backnsides you are auto enrolled as the enemy...and ... eventually she held high the cup as supremest ferrit in the Chatsworth House  championships 2009...... only given to someone who really knows how to luv an animal...all 10 or so of ours.. ferrit personalities are even tested by judges for propper


bit of animal... left, 

whilst also knowing how to be at peace and centred...around a " human" 

 especially cosleeping with their little girl owner from age 1, often half a dozen at a time that takes some... training, the real sort.... luvnzen... and REAL... self Be.. lief and


cos their twitchy noses pick up your...mindbodily.....truth)