Tuesday 23 January 2024

" so why don't you .."

 ... write about some of these truths...[ mum aside her nodding]..."

"... ehh ....well.... i do... in fact i go further..  i don't just put out a Pilgeresque polenic, even if he with his ' Britain should be in The Hague' fully cross refferenced, and always two sources.... changed our lives, your age ...me 26 when i stumbled across him... 

" thing is 15ish years ago when i last went to a talk of hi 2000 in the audience i could feel their cynicism and all the women wishing he would shut up telling the truth about their arms brokering uncle.. they may one day make a killing from..inheriting his,Gwerk garden shed.... but they still found him sexiest writer going  so would pop in for a Noze... and to say they did... 

" anyway ehhh... somehow weaving in real story; personal  fuckupery.... failure, smell... piss and real jokes....only a few years ago did i know thats  the only way... to 'engage' ....  edge of seat real life ... nothing sanitised...  all of everyones irrational madness woven in... but just the June photo of the promulgated shit in her creek.... i cannot tell you the name of my online presence because ..  well i dont know if you are an ALLY behind your painted on smile....  if you caring is performative .... because if you write truths such as  tell the real story behind the cowshit in the rivers back home... the greediest landowners and lords.... and put into your writing REAL lifeforce such as that in Intouchables....  that is real ... then they REALLY ... wish you harm... only one person not British born i have shared every word with....  and it is even a risk the few i have linked to my real most of the way Ralph.... words will get you hurt inBritain.... but it is the pretense otherwise .... thats the real evil you have been fed and 'educated' in ... and no one cares about   transdiversitification... start with the David Mamet talk.... and then we will see if i will copy you in ...   he lacks poise and grace, and obviously the Trumpian alternative is no alternative because only good rhetoric and genuine life affirming ' were all innit together' stories...which make it clear we are all the same no it aint fuckin 'subjective' your british lot been brainwashed to dead parrot to everything..... they dont in Europe! ... good rhetoric, real stories  such as all European modern writers manage...Ove excellent starting point....  temember its based on love, too,  even if he lost her... love... his love of her drove him to death then rebirth...... real love the only strong force extant. ."


The best and last socratic dialog... that so perfectly exemplified the same old problem.

... as exemplified  in the Harvard professor of the mind 4 or 5 months ago....back to her soon... there is always some 'individual' take

" look... Sarah Champion the one brave woman on Any Questions last week... ' stop! .. no more... stop blowing up brown people for ... theres always some reason,but if you stop you may find new positive  reasons why you dont need to... you wont know about unless you stop[ she didnt quite say as even her rhetoric one dimensional and Worcester Woman] .."

" ehhh... [ the look.. of disdain and i know bettet] ... well as it happens i know rather a lot about the Houthis..." 

There always being some individual ' reason' ... why one group is beyond the exemption list ... funny that ... as last time i looked there were about 30 million Yemmenis and the Hoots do rule  about 70% ...  they 'won'.

Despite genocidal Saudi bombing from the air,  in British supplied death planes, dropping many a British bomb- as it is widely accepted,  on rather a lot of women and children   

Always some clever reason.... 

Not to be Portuguese and just not get inolved.... 

even in the place of supposed great thought....

Or even, fair dinkum though of course  the 'divisive' rhetoric...of ...Douglas Murray, Owen Jones, Ash Sakar, and all The Guardian, and Mister Trump  is the problem ...  but Obama andClinton dropped, and resupplied,about 10x more bombs than he ever did ...so.... 

i don't belong here ... some years ago " my body is still here but spirit and mind left several years ago.."

I have never known more true and necessaryfor ones own safety and wellbing

( though the one word truth, they all are just so boring!... boring.. predictable boring boring so boring .. even the book people)




as they bore me to death the same dull answers for a decade...

one day must be woven into a Lord of The Flies.. 

buzzin around... i wish no one to have a rotten floor... if even Trump needed his boat fixin i would offer and want nothing except SOME good true conversation...and jeep to the job no matter what ...  extremely good jokes he made at me ... " Mr Hedgehog" 

So is there a Mister Champion i wonder? i love grey silvery hair... they have no idea ( i know,  as i have explained this to dozens of women in 13 years since u first told rotting Polly.. but as they are English none can imagine being thought sexy after  losing in the boat race to the new teenagers in town .)  .. how utterly sexy it is!