Sunday 28 January 2024

the perfect simple


is 3 items

one.... 8 hrs sleep 

2 aired clothes

3.. impossible as they always have some clever dick reason why not

only 2  out of 3


so Bee... it


 all so simple

oh fuck me

she even plays with YOUR word..i alone 2020 would call ..IT..." corvid"  and still do


i have never even slightly seen humour in any other all the silly con

spiracy theorising

this means she has a REAL woman sense of humour 


to be further explored

clearly shetoo  found the worst place in the world

as i know it.. the total fraud of London-on-Fal... the worst of London, too that only 


and must


polluted even the "Warrior" woman

she left... saved


now lives Somerset 

by whom i wonder ? as theyre all


addicted to its ... sick vapid 


mouth.. that says nothing

except she said all that matters to me... privately

none dare say what they know... in public...i know, ive been testing....

astonishing i sint been Yanked in yet..

time to test no more

but the perfect dawn choruses are

 just one