Friday 26 January 2024

" the UK should be in The Hague ahead of Serbia"

 ( love at first words)

i am very mindful for real i have failed as i have a superb essay(  and interviews off the 4chan ) explaining a dangerous fascist tyrany whereby "human " Be ings given 'inderterminate' sentences 20 years  ago of

 "  probably 3 years matey"  says the bewigged .. implicit as long as you get standard ' course'  psychological help  inside... are still in gaol 20 years later... thousands of them... as the coureses were never available

even Serbs at their worst wouldnt be quite that mindfuckingly cruel

European courts deemed ILLEGAL over a decade ago.. our own Parliament 5 or 6 years ago

yet thousands are still inside many many years on.... today...... no idea if they ever get out years and years on from their minimum 'tariff' ... no access to appeal, no access to even parol board.. i call that pretty  much shot in the head by a Nazi.. myself

and no one....cares

so its the people i would build a thousand Hagues for, first....

main crime, ignorance ( it cannot be used as a defence,  in law) count 2 fraud, pretending they care.  especially if theyve got Fakebook, intagram too i woulf bet i never look at that .. #3 being Caroline Lucas, and thinking freedom to have underage kids balls chopped off on a mad whim ( as all Green Party official campaigning focus  is since about 2010  when i suported an 'under 30' i saw her tailor made under 30s emails .. disgusting fraud playing lowest common denominator   evil bullying via false emotion, the campaigning brainwash emails to their younger members  all about sex and holes and cutting off members... ...  rather than the environment)  is a far more important right than actual rights such as freedom to be not in gaol, unlawfully, for life

one famous case him only  guilty of pinchin a mobile phone...back when they werent 'smart' about a tenners worth....

 my daughters 'human rights' are not to meet one of these chaps ( mainly) as a tramp on the streets of London in 10 years when eventually he gets out if Mr Kafka feels generous one day.. as he will have no humanity left in him...understandably... and thats real stranger  danger...

substack audio, the big one

theyre great, free NO sign in required and far quicker for me to upload tjan even putting an m4a file in google dtive

and i have an interview with UK sales boss woman.... i trust she is ethical and wishes her  genuinely free speach but also as free to use as possible... Dawkind uses it!! ... great platform becomes the go tp for all grown ups with a 

mind... except Eckart he woulnt qualify  ...on either criteria

but he would still be allowed in  as all debate grown up debate is good

and my substacks from about July have all the best saucy stuff in... few lusten too oh woe is me

but i am still happy  i said the say..

for her,  maybe one  rainy day

and names named and scandalous tales... and all immune to small screen scanning, audio is far far better for you... 

subdtack audio


Valentine the ART of RELATING by a REAL woman. 'Healing' and mindfullness the patheteratti are all obsessed with. But get conned

xxx note to self find the photo

it should be in or maybe

but yhe licals are so wonderfully friendly here despite fakebohoness and super default smiliness not one even invited me for a cuppa  ( " ohh i couldnt plug in laptop half hr get some charge" it will take an hour just to find oroof of... the tale of the pony tail... another exanple of why great non British  born writers would benefit from the help i was ASKED to provide in this terrbly hard language)

and on substack all the con artists are following Hilary Lawsons example now ( owner of Globe Hay first i saw doing this online..cheating)

put up first 40 mins of a talk for free then it just get the'full episode' you have to lay up and subscribe as '  paid'  subscriber

Lawson uses youtube " iai" as bait

i will NEVER do that... thats all cheating.. 

i dont want to eat, none of you make life bothering to live, for.... i only ever meet frauds... 

or halfies... half a fraud is ok...  i can compromise

unlike anyone else ever

anyway i spent all my 20s as just such a halfie

i have a superb accurate memory. its HORRID... really awful boring tiring and makes you ill...

and if i can recover from that state ... " change" i did...anyone can