Tuesday 23 January 2024

well i never...

 Like the woman in the library last time i went top of her voice she has a label... dis- prat- sia was it?

Every time i go there  out bragging  with rach other top of voices   in the competative label games

...reasons for getting housing or dole benefits ( great diversionary tactic, EXTREMELY  smart...  the orficers lap it up start to top of their voices tell of their labelled afflictions too...   and some unlabelled


mine is best ever .... and u discovered as i pay attention to at least 1/3  of 4chan content abput itsy witsy things... wrong with peoples....bodies minds....

( rather than the cures: get the fuck up, out, and sweating a bit ...ideally in the woods with me) 

 a million excruciating times i must have heard this and i knew it was brown girl in the..rain.

but at last

Someine can still write in this counyry!

Anyone else scared of dying in a crevasse with this as the soundtrack?