Sunday 7 January 2024

what the f is going on here!

 2  weeks ago i planned  this as my Christmas treat

today:" give up..... go West very west.... dont Be even a bit of a martyr,  not that i ever  as far as i can

the cage fashioned of wire they all  garrotted themselves with - knowing what must Be

via rubbish dull fake

even if seductive-clever Eckhartistic 

sadistic nonsense

that fails to ever 'work'

all fine in theorey

 but real people 

in real life

dont work to theorey

And as a nett result,  their wood just rots away - no one consistent and dependable, allied as fixer,  which means 'no matter what', to communaly, actually, fix it....always.

 When, today the perfect drying day,  i just think of wood - shedroofs or bits rot of a bottom,  that needs drying out and fixing

story of my dull boring last decade, and more

page bloody two of my as yet unopened Christmas gift to self

Except... the real gift that keeps on birdshitting, is earlier.... when that one shows again her true colours

If she can never be dependable and cannot take a little reminder of what shetoo has a year now nodded her head at, down the phone. 


but remember... a slammed down phone is bizarrely a form of 'energy' , too... and it always works for me I discovered.

Fait accompli, decision made,  is only a new start.