Sunday 28 January 2024

with these londoners

 (many interviews 5 this weekend every single one a Londoner..all the same.... but i like the antique dealer  "this town  [ 2 down from hers.].....utterly crammef  full of London coke men.."

definitely i do not exist

i wouldnt wish to  one second more, they are so dull

but its in the audios, this the LAST - i would have preferred m, for real truth.... i now know Be in anyones house,  though dad's for sure..

even if twas the last thing in the world ...then.. i wished to Be asked....

but the real better audios one day...mayBe...


this  audio below..ALL  Greens are racist as are  all middle class men,  who blame the brownies ... as they ALL do... and their women fail to hold them up as all they can do is bitch about everyone else

and  omitted,  Hay Festival is THE major national...  more or less world   'exhibition' of the latest 'Green'  writers foulmouthing their puny fake virtue signalling  books....such as the awful Ms Wolfe etc etc .... never mentioning two per chimney [ even old  gassguzzler,  never-needed,  lives ON msinroad...suv ...only ever one innit, Faragiste Suzi, thinks a " great line " copyright me] of course senior browns fly in from around the world to be preached at... and be set example, to..

i retire


and my mini lie.. but i tried! to do the right thing... sometimes just give up and have a snoh pity "humsns" dont do that right thing more often