Friday 12 January 2024

Your Dutchy ( in association with The Natural Store) yummy super honey is full of miroplastics.

 Inadequately signposted post yestereve, to the  gateposted  con you spread on your Waitrose supercrackers. Or put in your Yummy Mummy's  pukka Porridge

So says the truly great environmental man Roger The Bee

( in extended interview 23 December)

" the new isue is the bees [ of The Lizard- supposedly best regional environment] now cannot not pick up microplastic as they go buzzin around and it ends up throughout the whole Bee business operation... "

Confirmed 26 December 2023, first after[noon]walk when i actually had a walking companion along the cliffs- the woman who had reestablished the rather useless  dodolike chuffs  " National Trust utter joke.. dont hace first idea of their ecosystems"

But its time to stop blaming the government ( i havent for a decade), or big corporations.

She has been sharing Fakebook memes about eco dystopia for years... I knew many just like her. And ( archetype previous region) her so so festival perfect compliant hipster  bloke ( Alithea's fake eco business Bobby as ultra archetype) looks so so handsom in his 50 grand pickup too .  so busy gwtting that look just right he forgets to input into the shopping list " i heard on radio 4chan as i was cruising the cafes, that wipes are a plastic pollutant, we really need them?"

then go and listen to wet wipe and Johnny joketime

Your farners market superhoney, honey, flavoured with a dash of crumbled condom... ( used)

to Be