Saturday 17 February 2024



The Thelma n' Lou


I went to see.

Was she an illusion too?, i mean their ( cop out, of even caring if they build a parking lot, to quote bitterly twisted as an old woman Joni.. over the most sublime Pyrenneean  wonder if i got that right i turn off all spellCzechs too... high valley of them all) hollogram... it sure works to a bizarre pattern.... i only ever see in person the interesting ones, twice...  at most...

the true  goddess, thrice

lus sulky walkbyrd

then wavey drivebys

it was just so funny 

she near killed me

with her  perfect incongruity

( of changing.... a Brit woman simply never would, i told her...i was right!) 

So she can put that in her hollier than though, Fakebook  post of a hollographic pipe and sell it to the junky Merms of  Gwerk at thrice the price

.... yes...yesteraft....

 her paint splatters all gone

even if i told her all is well the environment already destroyed,  another few splatters are neither here ot there

... ahh yes i near forgot i have such fun just writing whatever comes into my sick mind ( copyright the great Roaches.. who also copyright ' feminine' as a real word... unknowable ..  not telling us what to think in their feminine position greatest song ever... as shetoo can rit.. like that.. ) forget her  ... mutes are so unatractive,  over time, unless they REALLY have nothing to say..

and i know a wave tgat wants to say ...something... even if by acvideny

( theres another one dear Serb... a land of childmen obsessed with baby waves to clean the  cumdribbless off their vaccuuous childhood, all their empty heads can manage, wankin' over waves...  their mums n dads didnt even make them read a good book... 


another kind of wave.. or is it waive ? shit ..silly me.... oh well  accidental double entendre

a waive that, has all of real life -  weird centuries of internicine warfare and the greatest game ..the Epic of Gilgamesh to all of Shakespeare...within... 

one could not have two 

samesaid words

so completely and utterly,   from a different universe

yes where was i....


A truth. My only descendent only exists .. 

Because of my


The only reason i took on awful job, for a pornographers( dead) daughter's,  prophet -  her  company owning G-Gold ... or wdre they womens knickers  objectification central  ? ...( irrelevent)  to be treated like the most unwelcome of guest...worker... the locals to vodka addled  to be reliable... as even they knew

And my imagination,years held as a picture of what it will Be... .. why i went... i was so so sure of Be ing real and  factually reoresenting that place.....  could simply have not Be een more completely and utterly


so... all the way.... burn the wheels in a big pile of smokey ..

( oh yes photo a month ago... Pastylandshire delightful placeeven at top ecotourist spots .. build a great huge  pile of quute reusable furniture...   plenty of wood could ne extracted... and ...  burn it... before the tourusts get back for eco hols of course....)

mark my words

more yet

one day