Wednesday 21 February 2024

But i will never find her number....

 ... errata, grown up...unless American (so so desperate every 5 or 7 years it always seemed to chuck their address book away...) has a phone number, especially when the freedom of the mobile phone truly clicked in 20 years ago,most onthem...i still have mine,new start after knowing the mobilephone as i wadered KAtria'sLondon streetsand knew

" this wont end well, everyone wandering ..i used to like seeing the eyes, even  below Kensington high st skies, no more...and they look SO unhappy

 ff 10 years on

20 yearsback

ok lets go only mobile, 079

79 79


NO reason ever to change it...

like even the school headmistress  and head of literature, too


only 52 maybe 53 

After a year of inane non  communication

texting nothing but exasperation

....well maybe she needed a newlife too

 But a headmistress, mum of ten year old, too, still in her prime, surely...

All i know is a year ago - ok last MAy,  i even stopped putting my  old first sim in the useless device

Schism action, not....

just words.

And now i remember, even hers did the ring ring ring 

The end