Wednesday 14 February 2024

But why did Mister Wright

 ( i was thinking of sending in a request ... he the true lover of words 

a real word lover

maybe only one keft

and knowing so gorgeously

 all of them, never mind ' love' is cant and vanity..  

but all we have

" ehhh Steve... theres this boat.. well.. i am good at fixing...  i am still on plan A.. even if plan Be ... is too complex ... it seems

" i reckon valentine's about 'good works'... and more than anything,  good purpose

" tell the world ...i havent sold my tools...


" but for gods sake dont play the most  apt best one!!  ever 

" even if true... 

"look at in a few days if i can find the one of  the  backtolife love 3012. 

" friggin ell... poor me i am sat in Ludlow  at the Green Fair 7 years ago ... and i never video anything ... but the saw band... playing music with saws...  made me smile so,  so i turned on my video ... and ferk as if some angelic death by a thousand saw blade strokes, kills me softly ... she...  not seen for 5 years love at total first sight....

"the one it actually applied to .... i mean talk about vudu magic...  walks into video shot .... i should have died then of the heart...

 attack ...

.". .. but lucky escape!! 2022 my schism started after bumping into her once more... one gorgeous summer sunny afternoon,  she sat cross legged afront the cathedral on the lawns..... even HER.. who i had rit to six months earlier... telling her of free..

" like ...pukka 100% free

 "land and "community"

 "for her  'earth mother' raised

" kids and her....

 "ooohhh... you..... ehhh..... cant talk [ or even smile].... i am busy with this  troubled  situation in [ psychodrana, i could see from her face] ..


 "her smartie steve, made even her face,  the one i had assumed totally aside.. above.. sane... immune to such bollocks... all  angsty stressy and rumpus....stuck in her silly smartphone  lucky escape..phewww... "

and  the ferker sounded so full of life ladtersunday

goes and dies... just like that

saving me another wasted 10 minutes in an email

i rarely send to anyone..   else

they all went nuts

cant even think 95% of mine for 7 years just wistfuln part-poem...obvious if one just stops to


the moral being life really IS short

carpe diem...