Tuesday 6 February 2024

" hey man...ehhhh.... i never stay up all night...

 .....  ok til 0300. [ august 2009,... only time ever for several decades...until i met her and we " mammouthed"   half the night... her great word not mine]

" oi... i never ever talk to even slightly famous peeps, like you...

" but i was mesmerised ... by your talent.... 

[ me here by


" and spirit...

" even if slightly too rappy

" for me...

" the way you took a random word thown at you as you requested ...

" by your adoring large  crowd

[ of Gwerk compliant perfect mermaids i woul later see, 

except one... their uniform, she knows better than... to Be.. ]

" and then twenty minute riffed on it..

unique in the moment, poetry 

out loud... 

" and with genius musicality and such passion.. 

[" even they your dumb flock they couldnt  Miss Take for : oooh you are so ' ANGRY'.. their stupid default" ]

" i have never even thought this before of anyone 

"  though it should be the ' new  Joan' [ baez]  as she actually married an ally-man in gaol .. him there for actual activism rather than ACTin... for vision [ and 4 chan the peak of their performative.. perfin..]

" but... you Billy ...are the new 

" Bob.."

I was so right seeing  Mister ' just like a woman'... noohhhhoh nohhh not all wimmim Joan Baez proved... actually Be ing the real thing... words AND actions...so  thats rude of me !!!

Billy Rowan ' the undercover hippy ' ... was just as monkey see monkey... not do 

as the one he was nearly as good as

By,  around the crowdfund years of 2018 ish...


" so i can write lots more of my ultra good anti  establishment anti hypocrite polluter rapsongs...  we need your cash... .. and then i will pop off to monkey land  not by banana boat it takes too long [ Bali was it..?i have the pics in chronicle].. . as i am now tweeting thistoo you from...... the only place i can find the peace and creative space to write the best songs ever about global warming and being green...  passus another Corona ....  pleaseretweet i need my lovely tribe family to Be as big and community as possible ... we can only change all this..together"..

even GodBob 

couldnt have made up such hippo-fabulous poetry

( gets you even more crowdfunded trips to the 'ONLY' PLACE...as seemingly only i even...saw.....) 

... and Billyboy...  i have perfect records.... a man knows he must

if he wants to be a real " daddy" 

to even you..

whom cannot sue


not quite yet... it wasnt AI 

creating little vids of Billy on his tropical  hammock .. jamming... preaching eye eye

" look at them... demestroying gaia

 just for you"

and crowdinforming, just how cool his next anti petrol-head songs will


thats the country you were kidnapped to...too... at least i tried to escape