Friday 9 February 2024

I bet gaols in Buddhist society are 5 star delightful places of only kindness


should be called The End

what i have been doing with my last 4 years,  but especially last 6 months.

Even if one person only is NOT described

what is not, often is the only important reason to still exist... and the truth.

And i lost. Even if it's 'we'.

better via Substack

the same audio file entitled

The End

profile pic 2021 on Offas Dyke pathway by Herrock hill,   pointing at the holocaust 500m away   ... 

XR supporter, ' environmentalists ' aristo landowners, and him a very senior Kington meggachurch warden.... had burried alive  badger cubs    ...many... the summer before

my new 2021 people  and maybe writers ( described in audio)  maybe would form  vradually mutual support " community" dear Serb.. 

to watch each others backs 

share woodburners... mjracles may even happen, share wood

writing real truths of this fruitloop land

but a year of...a load of  self reverential bullshitters, too...

the caption to the pick was to Be... " wonder if i ever dare tell that truth, i cannot here... and anyway no one wants uncomfy truth such as why britain should be in The Hague.." 

well i won, cos of your warrior spirit . . vibing through the telephone wires seperated you from me.....  i did  

when i hadnt planned it for a second

so.. thanks .. and thats not two faced i mean it... 

and if there are goddesses pulling strings.. thats the only thing i think they want of us..if we can.. get past 50ish...just tell some truths for sake of next gen...



I have no  interest  in ' colour' ...nor do they really...

awoken 4am by the wild winds a far far more lovely sound .. loads recordings one day.

But its nice to have heard an honest one this week ...5 hrs face to face, her  'heritage'....of the Eastern lands,  of Western lost girls on ' spiritual' questing :

 " as for the Hari Krishnas, a near  fascist cult of women enslavers.... i had a lucky escape... " 

 But far better:

 " of course that is the way we are... it is innate.... we are brought up....our whole [ Nepal bizzarre Kushy Thai]  namaste nonsense ..IS... make lovely friendships over many years with lovely Western girlies on their lovely Buddhist monastery [ Kurt of Hay liked the Buddhist boys too.... he would parade on show,  half his age.... their fares paid by Buddhist inc....  at Warren by Hay...our innocent,  childrens beach... Kurt looks like Kurt... and likes little brown boys he began mid 00s to parade ... ' hes a nice man looking after the young brown men' ....  not just for spiritual mentoring reasons]... 

" ... and of course one cannot seperate the fact that when aunty Buddhist, Flow has  the life threatening illness,  twenty years down the beautiful clear watered rivers of eternal namaste friendship with the whitey girl we always namaste have in our prayers...

"  .... sadly Flow's neighbours wont have the cash 

for the  emergency room dash.. 

100km away..and 500 quid just to get to front of queue... but that lovely flowery friend we have known all these years after her first wanderings we took her in a lostish lamb   looking for a lift to the monastery/ashram/drugmarket for supplies ...... she may  be our ...last hope... 

" oh yes we have Fakebook too now in this lovely eternally connected universe..... dont even need to spend a baht or hundred on a call...."

" i blamed that beatle.."

" of course.... but he one of ever increasing thousands.... some of my old  neighbours became really very well off .... from the spiritual questeratti...... as you say just another industry....dont tell anyone though... "

Nor did it prophet one of our greatest artists.. gone Bud or was it Mussie..   

died way before her time too... all that body covering i bet one major  contributory factor...

all religion really is is factor 100 body neurosis protectorate...

my natural hormonal systems designed to keep me alive longer

... it does matter though as the ' spiritualism' ( my sari is more enlightened than your Portobello road pyjama pants from Nepal" )  utterly ruined all real rural communitarianism...   the only way to have in the real world, farmed and stewarded the land in a more sustainable way ... that i  observed 25 years of all this  arms race to cover the arms in more expensive garb.....nonsense...

but at keast its nice to hear 

" yes thank you you are write...."


" please use the right terms....we are friends.... it wasnt  their fault, just sheep to some backwards stone age  relugious pigtrough     ... you parents were stone age 'backwards' folk ... trying to kill you off just cos you were a  . girl"