Wednesday 14 February 2024

" i really don't lie "

  not even white ones...

Even if the exact Byronic truest OED English may have two interpretations...

Why any sane bloke has no woman in tjis awfuland  a land where the chubbies even seem to want to boast of their right to be fat....

eschewing years of real life corvid taught them i nothing else?

seems not

my poems arent hard
typical underclass moaning
i only ever spend 3 sex onem.... never think
one or two are even 
not that poetry EVER

ahh theres always a price,
even when you know you havent paid
a penny
busy morn.
.. missed the free bread 
i usually make

oh yes ... Paulo

light and warrior power

i didnt know if this one
but i can plot him actually starting 

rather than Be allies, even after jolly good bout of love... he told em fuck off chasing some spiritual guru on a ' quest' to complete...  their insane mental illness
called self love and discovery via a sexy guru or two just grooming them for his ( fiscal)

questin for the one perfect Be ing.... " me" ..
( not me im horrid, but they all think they can be anything else but them)... Paulo a more evil nazi to good  old fashion...working on relationships over time,  than Master Eckhart never works... i have seen so so many
end up in the looney ward even...

the only important one
if one must treat onesself to a 'self love' cuppa

best decision ever
apart from i am never again going to let library moaning about imagined illness top of their hatecrime voices...steal one millisex of my lovely every second loved life...
so get every last minute...

not only is #1 Merm there... the beginning, her... ended.. here

apt i think

they are speaking merm talk... their private version ....
" so... do you think we can... [ for the 'community' shed.. chicken coop / whatever else inherited on dads ill gotten gains].. get planning  permission for it... make a mint ... if we do!? [ now all our kind we conned down this waytoo]"

but.... even

the smell!!!

" hahh hahhh twice in 3 ish years
which one in here i wonder?
i know,  not the Merm.... 
but i am not even onterested in wondering..only thing for me..
here in gront
fresh ip"