Saturday 17 February 2024

indeed, there are centuries old rules

 of the traveller... even Chretianity figured that one even if modern days ones dont know the core tennet of their own deathcult: only 2 items so even the thickest wont need a smartphone just to look up " mannon" .. never heard of her says chief Kington JW...

#1e nice to others especially travellers ( i heard her pull out of the atch we met last saturday night at 11.15... i was going to get Olive Branchy but wait til a dose of the happy pill that...was ..Steve Wright the next morn...first .. a real "human" being who could laugh at himself, too...)   evenso,  more especially from afar... and 

#2 justice

and her kids could well have been nicked too with a drug habit like that,  back then... 

 i king of justice she skulks off from being in the same atch at dawn...mylores tell a journo, when we had them:   " she'll get over it anyway dadtoo can pick up dirty nappies.and there are careful safeguarding  ways...  to bring BALANCE to this sad affair that will Be safe all around.... no one should make money  nickin her kids... nice decent  woman really, you can tell... even kf the judge may tell a djfferent tale... for a kickback one day.. certainly in USA.. yuk just slitherier at pretending...   not USA "

vanners and walkers have, or had, codes of behaviour and mutual respect... and a truly well understood...line

 and now ive forgotten the way back into the fruity loop reason i opened this post box  just now... i shall not forget hers mind you... abd her smile .. i had noticed and remembered every detail of her she had a chance to send pingpong back my way...even months ago..... in that greatest of all games ever