Wednesday 21 February 2024

La Grande Finale, of LA Grande Belazza, got stuck



Dozing off with the 'titans' lasternight.

But it was the English couple on their arts hike at the bustop yestereve..

An hour after Ms Hunter...

A splendidest last of it.

Which was never anything. As I knew

So not only no hard feelings, a winter at generally minimum 7 or 8 degrees darkest just before the dawn

And all that really matters, is getting in 20km as a minimum a week

And if you can get it in by wednesday then that means the rest of the week your topup will have recharged BODILY all, so that slowly you are running dpwn the Be ing splendidly alive and healthy and mojo 100% 

Even if there is no point.

 But at least sat on bum starting next phase  wont mindsettingly,  hurt... 

In fact she reminded me, Ms Hunters...  a spitting image, of a most beautiful British school teacher.

Well she was 35 years ago....

And her letters to me, i still have  - examples of the most wonderful real equal woman writing.

Ok the conciliation after 7 or 8 years of once-classmate frustration " LA Grande Belazza aint gonna drop em for me..."

And ok one New Years eve so drunk she couldnt stay upright as i tried to sit upright driving us to the hills  ... alcohol did have its uses.

But forget that even if i am the lucky one - passing 1992.. because i got to love kids - anyones, not only never again a drop 'n drive.. 

never again drive over 45

(the so ignorant childmen down here MUST sit on your tail .. 

I mean the suburban roads -  of the countryside have few passing places

so why

especially when the village stretches

are camera littered and .... it beggars belief..)

But ff ... 7 years ago.

I wonder why she had thought of me.

And oggling found my number and

...  " my wine merchant husband, well... he  ...we are so so so happy! .. Bristol head teacher, down to the sea every other weekend...  and a crate of the best, bliss without end so.....our life is simply, unimaginably "

" did you write? - i had your letters out just a year ago ... your poetical seditious sticking your finger up at the whole of society 

even alone could attack so pointedly, but with lovetoo...

sticking your finger up at the whole of society especially metoo..... with your perfectly manicured clean finger..." knew it then you were genius, and furthermore you were ranty artless,  Alexei+ beautiful sublime  poise and grace

you just a few years younger than me, saw through all the biggoted cant and vanity.. even of our slightly self righteous goody goody generation of Teletubies to come..


Had THE power

of fucking them up the arse, now...even then 35 years ago...with the best words  - universal loving critique, i ever ever read

 ... ohh Suzi [not the second, shes sacked, just as secret drunk  and useless]..... you sound drunk look.... i hope you call back ...when

if.... you're sober enough to .. 

and... we never had any secrets - that was the point, we critiqued our parents,your dodgy dad  from a position of real thoughtful understanding literary...crit.., i can tell, you are calling me for a ...reason  .. call back when youre ready to ...remember it "